So, since I went to sleep so late last night, I got a pretty late start today. Seriously, I am not used to crazy bedtime hours anymore. I had the weirdest dreams all night, too.

Anyway, we had a nice breakfast:

Mark made three eggs with onion, paprika and black pepper. He also decided to do some biscuits which came out pretty nice. Now, that all looks like a lot of food but we have adopted this method where we share one plate since I mostly pick at food and he eats a lot more, and that way it all works out. Plus it’s cute. The biscuits were yummy but really filling so I only had one in little pieces.

I’ve spent most of the day getting this blog thing up and running, trying to make it nice and all that, which now leaves me rushing to start getting things ready for tonight. We’re hosting our first-ever “Monthly Movie Night” with some close friends here at the house. I’m very, very excited. We’re screening Dario Argento’s “Jenifer” which is one of my favorites of his, even though it was originally made for TV’s “Masters of Horror.”

To keep with the theme, we made some badass sangria last night plus Mark came up with some crazy concoction named “Bloody Jenifer” which involves whiskey, vermouth, bitters, cinnamon and a drop of Tabasco. For finger food we’re having little pieces of beef heart in a vermouth sauce and of course, cheese (I’ll post pictures tonight or tomorrow).

Alcohol is a bit of a controversial topic post-op (because of liquid calories and whatnot) but I still drink (not as much as pre-op, of course, I am a huge lightweight these days) because I want to have as normal a life as possible. There’s a lot of debate on this and really, it deserves its own post which I will make soon.

Anyway, that’s my little update today, I’m still getting the hang of this whole blog thing so just bear with me. Tonight should be a lot of fun and I’ll be posting the recipe for the drinks/food later.

Now, to hurry and make the house presentable!


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