Pictures, Katy. People like pictures.

So, I’ve decided to go ahead and dedicate my blog to my experiences dealing with life post-gastric bypass. Original, right? Heh. I know it’s not the most groundbreaking of topics but it feels right and I figure even though there’s tons of blogs about weight loss, everyone goes through a different ordeal so why not document mine.

I told one of my best friends, Leslie, about this and she was very excited (Leslie loves her some weight-loss blogs) but the first thing she said was “You gotta post pictures, Amiga. People like pictures.” So, I guess this would make this post the mandatory “this is what I used to look like/look at how I look now” post, only that t I don’t really have any full-body shots (I avoided those like the plague pre-op), so we’ll consider this a preliminary “this is what I used to look like/look at how I look now” post just to get it out of the way, deal? Awesome. I promise I will update with some better pictures when I get friends to scan them (*ahem* Leslie, Montsy *ahem*).

Let’s do it:

"Can we do this already?" That’s me literally minutes before getting the surgery on December 1st 2009.

Don’t I look excited?

I remember I had to wait SO LONG (my doctor’s previous patient ran way longer than expected) and I was freaking out and trying to bribe my (very sexy) anesthesiologist into giving me some drugs (literally, all like, “So… If I slip you a $20, can you hook it up with some xanax?”). Once it was finally time to go, I was totally about to have a panic attack. I got so nervous, I started to cry. That’s when the sexy anesthesiologist gave me what he called “the margarita shot” and I started feeling awesome. The drugs began to really kick in as they wheeled me into the operating room and I vaguely recall saying to someone “Oh, fuck, I’m in a David Lynch movie.” Epic.

Once I got into the OR, the nurses started taking my gown off and putting me on the table, then they placed that gas mask thing on my face, and I was thinking “This shit is not working, I should tell them” then I blinked and when I opened my eyes I told the nurse “It didn’t work! I’m still awake” and she just gave me a smile and said “What are you talking about? You’re done.” It was weird. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. The rest of the day was mostly a blur: being in and out of consciousness, my mom complaining about the room, not being able to really put together a coherent sentence, Leslie showing up and yelling at the nurses… It was a strange day.
Yay. Whey.

This next picture is about a week after surgery, my facebook caption reads “I survived my first whey protein shake” so it was soon post-op. The recovery was smooth for the most part, although I remember sleeping a LOT. I was like a hibernating bear. I guess it’s because your body defaults to starvation-mode due to barely getting any calories in at all.

Eating was bizarre but kind of awesome. Since I had to chew everything super slow I felt like I was rediscovering food. Eggs were a revelation! I sometimes miss those first few days post-op, when I used to get up and RUN to the bathroom and look in the mirror to see if I looked any skinnier. I felt like my life was FINALLY starting!

These are a couple of my most recent pictures:

Sexay! With Mark

(from left: in my car, with my boyfriend Mark, with my Amiga Leslie)

So there you have them. Like I said, these aren’t the best “before/after” shots but you can tell enough difference in my face of the weight I’ve lost. Now I must go to sleep. My little “quick-post” took forever, it’s almost 4 AM and I’m gonna pass out.



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