Bad Kat! I did not take pictures of the food at the movie night! It was good, though. Mark forgot the cheese so he made a dip instead and then our friend Jimena brought the yummiest homemade carrot cake…

It was a good night. After most everyone left we went to a diner and I had some eggs, because I didn’t necessarily eat dinner and I needed the protein.

I am beyond static that after only two weeks of starting to work out consistently again I’m beginning to look and feel tons better! I have started seeing the difference in my thighs and my ass, thanks to all those crazy squats. Right now the workout I’ve been doing is the 5×5 Program over at StrongLifts.com. The website seems mostly geared towards guys but there are girls who have also done it and the trainer himself recommends that women do the same workout as men do. I basically work out three days a week, doing a LOT of heavy lifting and focusing on getting strong and building muscle so I can burn fat.

I had to start really slow because since I waited so long to start working out and I had lost so much weight, I lost a LOT of muscle as well so it is a pain in the ass to build all that up again. I plan on adding cardio after each strength workout to maximize the calorie burn and on Wednesdays I’m riding bike for 10 miles with my friend Dora. That’s gonna be fun!

I can’t believe I’m one of those girls who takes “bathroom shots” now. Before I wouldn’t be caught dead in any picture that showed my body unless I thoroughly scrutinized it or (and I am so ashamed to admit this) did a little Photoshop to look thinner. I’m glad I can just post pictures as I take them, it is so liberating!

Anyway, tomorrow is a workout day (I rested Friday and Today) so I need to get some good sleep and have a strong breakfast tomorrow. I also need to go to GNC and pick up some vitamins; I have been so bad that I haven’t taken them in a whole month and I am starting to feel it. I need energy! Plus my hair is finally growing out and I don’t want it to start falling again.

So, that was my little update tonight. Tomorrow I will do a better job of logging what I eat and my workout and all that so that this blog can really get going and it’s not just me rambling on about random shit or feelings but actually fulfill its purpose.


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