Life Happens

Well, today started off with the best intentions…

I signed up on My Fitness Pal so that I can log all my food and exercise daily, and according to the website, to lose 1 lb per week I need to consume 1610 calories a day. A bit excessive, I think, but at this stage of the game I’m mainly focusing on logging what I usually eat and how I usually work out so I can see what my average is, what I need to change, and how I can tweak things.

Feeling very pumped up, I joined Mark for a nice Sunday Breakfast which consisted of a three-egg omelet with chopped red potatoes  and onion.

I really think that the whole one plate method is working out well for the most part, only that sometimes I think I’m eating less than one serving but there would be no way of knowing since the website just divides the recipe in two, assuming I’ll eat exactly half of the whole thing. I don’t know, I may start doing my own plate and measuring everything religiously soon, but for now I’m just trying to do things as I usually do so that a pattern can emerge.

Now, as far as seasoning and all that, Mark sprinkles the eggs with some freshly ground black pepper and some paprika, which totally brings out the flavor and makes them delicious. I swear, I don’t know how I ate eggs before doing that. The potatoes and onion get lightly pan-fried with less than a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and of course, salt.

Now, after logging all the ingredients on the website, these were the nutritional facts it came up with for one serving:

Calories – 260 / Fat – 17.3g / Carbs – 15.5g / Protein – 11.2g

For a snack later on in the day, I had half a whole wheat bagel with avocado and onion (we love onion in this household). Now my trick with the bagel since it’s so starchy (which gets uncomfortably too filling for my little pouch of a stomach) is that I hollow it out which makes it a lot easier to eat and leaves more space for yummy avocado. Mmm, avocado. I could write songs and poems to avocado. Now, I can only eat a little bit of it at time (usually about 2-3 oz) because I had my gallbladder removed last year and foods that are a bit on the fatty side can make me very sick. Even though avocado is packed with good fat, I still take it easy because in large portions it can be a nightmare. Here are the stats for one serving of this:

Calories – 221 / Fat – 0.8g / Carbs – 28.1g / Protein – 7.2g

See, already with just logging two meals in one day I’m beginning to see that my protein-to-carb ratio is a bit skewed. Even though the calories on this one are a bit off (because I hollowed out the bagel), I still realize I should be getting in more proteins than carbs, so that is something I plan on working on in the future.

On to lunch…

Mark has been obsessing with making me his Macaroni and Cheese from scratch, so that’s what he did. The picture makes it look like a big casserole dish but it’s actually a little one. The whole thing was about 8oz.

For this meal I made sure I had my serving of 4oz because pasta is tricky for me to eat -really, all starches are tricky for me except potatoes for some reason. I am thankful I can even have pasta and rice, I know a lot of people who can’t have that again post-op; so I’m glad I can lead as normal a life as possible. This was SO decadently good that I had to do a double-take when I saw that it was under 400 calories!

Here are the stats for a 4oz serving:

Calories – 389 / Fat – 19g / Carbs – 38g / Protein – 15g

Now, this is where all the day’s good intentions kind of go down the drain…

How the rest of the day was supposed to go was: go get new vitamins, do some groceries, come home and do a hard workout, eat dinner. Instead, we got a call from Mark’s dad who said he wanted to take us out to dinner to a restaurant near the beach. Okay, I though, I’ll workout afterward. Well, obviously, I didn’t. We went to get the vitamins (so that’s good), then we went to this place called Capone’s right in Hollywood Beach. It was your regular restaurant-bar-type place, only they specialize in Chicago-Style Pizza. Already, I knew I couldn’t handle any of that. So, I ordered some fish tacos instead. Not bad, right? Well, it would’ve all been fine if I had only stuck to one glass of wine, like I planned to. Now, I don’t know what it is about certain places that they give you these deceptively small wine glasses but they just really fill them up, so really one glass is like one and a half or even two. Well, I had two of those. Needless to say, I was quite sloshed after that, barely ate my fish tacos and couldn’t work out when I came home. I took a nap, then woke up and had some potatoes and onions as a snack because what does Kat crave after drinking? Carbs! Oy. Not the best to eat. After I sobered up I morosely logged in all my debauchery of food (I had to estimate on the fish tacos, based on what I was able to eat) and was surprised to see I made it under the 1600 calorie mark, but I should not get too comfortable with that number. I think 1600 calories in one day is way too much. I plan on tweaking that in the future, but I want to see what my average consumption is daily and how many calories  I burn with workouts so I’m just logging as I go for the next couple of weeks. I was bummed about not working out but I know it would be foolish to let one setback demotivate me. So, tomorrow I will do cardio and then continue with my normal weight-training schedule for the rest of the week. Here are my food stats for the rest of the day:

Fish Tacos (1 Tilapia fillet and 2 corn tortillas):

Calories – 335 / Fat 16g / Carbs =28g / Protein – 25g

Good job on protein! I will eat Tilapia more often.

Red Potatoes & Caramelized Onions (2 small potatoes and less than 1/4 cup of chopped onion):

Calories – 110 / Fat – 0g / Carbs – 26g / Protein – 3g

Bad Kat! All-carb snack is bad, bad, bad!

Merlot (two 5oz glasses):

Calories – 246 / Fat – 0 / Carbs -7.4g / Protein – 0.2g

This is what disappoints me most. I still have not gotten the handle of drinking post-surgery. There’s always a thin line between “I’m slightly buzzed” and “Oh, God. I’m going to die.” Thank God today I didn’t get anywhere near the latter, but this is a constant struggle. I have been trying to make an effort to just sip my wine which works great but tonight that all went out the window.

So, my total for today was:

Calories – 1561  / Fat – 53g / Carbs – 143 / Protein – 61g

Not the best day, I know. Way too many carbohydrates in one day but at least I hit my protein goal of at least 60g daily, which is recommended for someone who’s had WLS. I will say this, though, I feel that logging in what I’m eating is making a difference. It would have been easy to just give up and say “Screw it, I fucked up. I don’t want to know how badly,” but instead I chose to own up to my mistakes and find out just how badly I messed up. I have to keep in mind that this is a learning experience, sometimes life just happens and I will fuck up. I didn’t take any pictures of what I had for dinner or snacks, but I did take a picture of what we were looking at while we ate dinner:

We ate right by the water. Not too shabby, huh? I love South Florida.


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