Oh, the pain.

Yesterday I spent most of the day super sore from Tuesday night’s workout. I seriously could barely get out of bed. I had some breakfast and cleaned a little bit then totally passed out on the couch for about an hour. I was just exhausted. Knowing I had to go my friend Dora’s house to ride bikes for 10 miles that afternoon, I had a substantial breakfast and a nice lunch. I also snacked on some nuts a couple of hours before going to her house.

Well, it was not enough calories, I tell you. After 6 miles (1 hour) we had to stop because I felt like I was dying! My legs, my hips, everything was killing me! So we stopped and then I didn’t even have time to rest because I had to hurry back home and pick up Mark so he could go play in his company’s weekly softball game. We had to stop at a gas station so I could get some beef jerky, sunchips and an apple. I was so out of it I couldn’t even drive straight. Mark lectured me about getting in enough calories if I was going to be working out; that I couldn’t force my body to lose weight by depriving it of calories and then doing crazy workouts. So, I guess he’s right. The game was nice, I hung out with Mark’s dad and his step-mom and it was a really fun time. Mark’s team didn’t win but I did get to see him score a run (and I got it on tape!).

After the game we were both starving so we stopped at a Miami Subs and I ate half a gyro pita sandwich. Not the best thing to eat but it was after 11pm, we were both super tired and did not feel like cooking, plus I still had a lot of calories left to eat on my day. Even with that I still managed to eat well beneath my allotted calories of the day so I don’t feel too guilty. I slept like a baby to say the least. And today I could barely get out of bed. I have to do weights again tonight, so I’m trying to eat a little bit every two hours but it’s hard. All I wanna do is lay in bed. From my neck to my ankles I’m just horribly sore. If I don’t feel any better by tonight I may have to postpone my workout till tomorrow. Oh, well, these are just growing pains while I get used to this whole working out hard business.

Stats for yesterday:

Cal – 1099 / Carbs – 124g /Fat – 63g / Protein – 60g / Cal Burned – 473

Wish me luck today, hopefully I’ll feel better and get my workout in.


3 thoughts on “Oh, the pain.

  1. Food = fuel for a better work out. Mark is correct, in your hour bike ride you should have consumed Gu, Sport Beans or a Sport Drink to replenish your electrolytes. Another reason to love Mark!

    Also, I am very proud of you!

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