A Real Entry (Amongst All The Food)

Today was a great day 🙂 I have been in such a sunny, happy mood that it is ridiculous. This is the most motivated and content that I have felt in a long time, and I’m convinced it has a lot to do with starting this blog and all the support that I’ve been getting. So, thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting!  Also, today my friend Jimena texted me and let me know that she found the skates she’s been meaning to give me. Score!

One of the main things that I always wanted to do but felt I was too fat to before my WLS was Roller Derby. I am obviously beyond psyched that I’m now at a weight where I can finally start training for it, and I am SO thankful that Jimena was kind enough to not only hook me up with some great skates but also protective gear as well. I start practicing this Wednesday hopefully, it’s been a long time (at least 12 years) since I’ve been on a pair of skates so this will be a slow process but hopefully I’ll be ready to try out for a team by this time next year (fingers crossed!).

So, when Mark got home from work, we rushed to Jimena and Willie’s house to pick up the skates. I was so excited that I went to try them out as soon as I got home and boy, am I rusty. I banged my knee before I was even out the door! So, obviously, I need TONS of practice.

After that, Mark cooked up an AWESOME DINNER (click on the link for the recipe) and then we watched last night’s Oscars (which I had taped). Ugh. Black Swan got robbed!!

All in all, just an awesome day.

Today’s Stats: Calories – 1276 / Carbs – 105g / Fat – 56g / Protein – 61g


One thought on “A Real Entry (Amongst All The Food)

  1. Skating! That brings back memories. Once you get the hang of it it will be alot of fun. its been years since I skated too, maybe I’ll try it again too.

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