In Which Kat Learns the Meaning of “Pace Yourself”

Today has been quite a day! I got a late start because for some reason I could not get out of bed this morning, I woke up feeling very groggy and kind of disoriented. Then, of course, I find that the cat left me a nice present on my bathmat, because he was pissed off I didn’t let him sleep on top of me on the bed. Ugh. So, after taking care of that, I had myself a late breakfast and settled into my daily routine.

For lunch,  I had the awesome idea to pan-fry some chuck shoulder steak with some onion and a little butter and serve it with 3oz of brown rice. It came out so, so good! Usually, chuck is the type of cut you have to braise so that it becomes tender, but for me the pan-frying with the butter made it delicious. Could it have been more tender? Yes. Did it take any enjoyment out of this lunch? Hell no!

Later today, I decided I should tackle this skating thing again so that on Wednesday I didn’t kill myself at the skating rink. I practiced around the house a little bit (the cat totally freaked out) then I ventured downstairs at my apartment building and was able to skate for 20 minutes before almost falling down. I decided to quit while I was ahead but I was still feeling pumped, so I decided to walk a few blocks to the nearby Walgreens so I could buy some shampoo that I needed anyway. Now, Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays (or Sundays) are my designated weight lifting days (I do cardio on Mondays/Wednesdays) but I figured cardio on top of that would mean a lot more calories burned which in turn will equal faster weight loss. So, I did my brisk walk to the store and back which took me 36 minutes. I arrived at our apartment shortly after Mark got home from work and he expressed concern about me doing so much cardio and spending so much energy before having to do such an intense weight lifting program like the Stronglifts 5×5, but I assured him he had nothing to worry about as I planned on having a protein bar before the workout and I was feeling “awesome.”


So, I tried out one of the new protein bars I’m trying to experiment with, the EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Nutrition Bar in Chocolate Chip Brownie. It was definitely the tastiest of the protein bars I’ve tried so far, and with 230 calories and 17g of protein, I figured I was more than set for my workout. Mark was still very skeptical about it all, warning me that lifting was going to be a lot harder because of all the energy I had already burned. I told him not to worry, that I was still feeling tons of energy.

While I waited for Mark to do his weight training (we take turns because we only have one full set of weights and we’re both lifting different amounts so it makes no sense to be removing/adding weights in between sets while the other one weights) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and decided to share. I see so much of a difference on my midsection, butt and thighs since I’ve started doing the weight lifting and it makes me so happy and psyched to keep going!

Obviously, the areas I have the most issue with right now are my arms (but I’ve always had issues with them) and really most of my upper body; but I figure if I keep working hard and burning fat, I should start seeing more results in those areas soon. I hope that I can be content enough not to feel compelled to have surgery later.

Finally, it was time for me to start my workout! I warmed up just fine, did a couple of practice squats and Mark commented on how my technique has gotten so much better since I first started. Then, I tried to lift the bar. Now, the point of the Stronglifts 5×5 Workout is that you increase the weight you lift with each workout. I did 40 lbs last time, so I was doing 45 lbs today. Well, I got it off the ground and up to my hips okay, but the minute I tried to lift it to shoulder-length my knees buckled and my arms felt like jell-o and I just couldn’t lift it. It just got worse from there. I tried to lift the bar again, and the same thing happened. So, Mark advised to modify the workout to a 3×5 instead of 5×5 and deload back down to the 40 lbs, and that at least got me to be able to position the bar where it was supposed to go. To say that my squats with the 40 lbs on top were difficult, would be a vast understatement. I struggled with almost every single squat but I got my 3 sets of 5 done. The overhead presses were a little bit easier, as were the barbell rows but after the workout I was BEYOND exhausted, dizzy and just about ready to pass out.

I took a shower, had a glass of milk, then we had an amazing dinner of sautéed shrimp, peas and pasta (recipe here) and that brought me back to life a little bit. For dessert I had 1 Ghirardelli square, because chocolate always makes me feel better. It’s now about 3 hours after that and I’m so tired and starting to feel sore.

What did I learn? On weight lifting days, I should eat accordingly if I’m going to be doing cardio and I should definitely not go overboard. It was a hard lesson to learn but a good one. I also need to make sure I eat enough to be able to work out well which is hard for me because of my little pouch of a stomach. I’m going to have to eat more frequently.

Anyway, here are today’s stats:

Cal Consumed–1627 / Cal Burned–592 / Net Cal–1035 / Carbs–156g / Fat–69g / Protein–86g


2 thoughts on “In Which Kat Learns the Meaning of “Pace Yourself”

  1. Maybe instead of doing such an intense weight program, you can change to a beginner friendly program and include cardio 5-6 days a week.

    • The thing is that the 5×5 IS a beginner’s program 🙂
      Not only that but it’s the one program that’s shown me results like this. I’m just going to take turns alternating cardio and weight lifting from now, and definitely eating better on workout days. By the time I started my weights last night, my net calories consumed (because of 56 min of cardio) was only barely 600; that’s a recipe for disaster.

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