Quick Update

I have been in pain all day, the heating pad is my friend. Nonetheless, I managed to get 48min of cardio and I hung out with my cousin Diana and showed her some of the workout I do, which was nice. I missed hanging out with her, and afterward we watched a movie and basically took turns sitting and laying on the heating pad. We were both exhausted and sore and just wrecked.

I feel like I ate a lot today, probably because I ate pizza. It was a little too greasy and I got slightly sick but I’m okay now. Just exhausted and sore EVERYWHERE.

Today’s Stats:

Cal Consumed-1225 / Cal Burned-268 / Net Cal-957 / Carbs-165g / Fat-50g / Protein-29g

Yeah. Crappy day protein-wise and carb-wise. Hell, even my net calories were bad. It’s okay, though, tomorrow will be better. It has to be, because I do weights tomorrow. So my goal is to eat enough calories so that I can kick ass! Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. If this program is giving you so much back pain, you should stop. Sorry, but that is not normal. Soreness is one thing, PAIN is another.

    • This is normal at first, I’ve been reading up on it. Plus what hurt more towards the end of yesterday was my legs, hips and ass. I’m better today but my legs are still tired. I ran a little with Diana and OMG am I rusty! I need to start working on that…

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