Finally, a post!

Sorry I haven’t been updating the past few days, but I spent the weekend totally sick with a stomach flu. Ugh. Not fun. So, other than my little rant on Saturday, there wasn’t that much to report.  I don’t know about any of you who have had WLS, but for me it appears like any illness that involves the stomach seems to hit me worse than a regular person. Up to yesterday I wasn’t able to keep any food down, but today I was able to keep breakfast down and I took advantage of that! Mark’s also been sick but he feels better today, he didn’t get the stomach portion of things, just the flu. Poor baby. Today I was also able to go and walk for 3 miles, but I skipped the weights because I’m still not at 100% (fatigue + weights = disaster).

I’ve spent some time today reading this guy’s blog at Marie Claire, and Oh My God. This guy is an idiot and a half. The article I first read was called”Why Men Prefer Innocent Girls to Bad Girls”, and it featured such enlightening reasons as: “men don’t like a woman in bed who knows more than they do”; “bad girls are tough to control” and “bad girls seem promiscuous.”  Some of his other articles were: “5 Habits That Will Keep You Single”, “How You Compare to His Ex” and “Annoying Girlfriend Behavior: Talking Over the TV” among others. I cannot believe this guy is getting paid by a “women’s magazine” to talk about this crap. Seriously. I almost feel sad for him, because I’m pretty sure that any woman with half a brain would never have anything to do with him,

Anyway, it’s been hard trying to get all my calories in with my stomach acting up, but I managed OK today. We also went out and got some whey protein powder so I can start making some fruit smoothies. Yum!

Tonight Mark made kind of a big dinner to celebrate the fact that I can eat without puking. We had tilapia alla milanese and spaghetti w/ tomato sauce (recipes here and here). All in all it’s been a pretty productive day.




Cal Consumed–1133 / Cal Burned–346 / Net Cal–787 / Carbs–116g / Fat-32g / Protein-66g

I don’t know about any of you who’ve also had WLS, but stomach illnesses seem to get me a lot worse than anyone else.

2 thoughts on “Finally, a post!

  1. Happy to hear you are feeling better! I sit here writing from my bed with what I think is the the stomach flu.. ugh! Your meals always look so good!

    • Oh, no, you too? That sucks. I’m still feeling crappy today but much better, so hang in there, it will be better soon.
      Thanks about the meals, I can’t complain about food in this house LOL

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