Walking and Catkins

So, Mark and I went on this walk in search of this lake our Renter’s Association Manager had told us about when we interviewed before moving into the apartment. After walking around for about 40 minutes, we found it! It was really nice! It was a great workout (2.5 miles whole trip) and it was a good way to get to know our new neighborhood a little bit better. I usually hate cardio but I’m beginning to crave going out and walking everyday, I love the area we moved to and it’s just lovely to walk around in the fresh air and people walk. I’ve been thinking about starting to try the whole running thing; my friend Leslie is a big runner (she just did half a marathon last Sunday and rocked it! Go, Amiga!!) and she’s made it sound so much fun that I’m going to give it a try. She suggested all us girls do the Princess Run in Disney World next year, so I have a whole year left to train for it. The race itself sounds really fun! Plus afterward we all get to enjoy the park for free, yay! Anyway, so to get my training started, Les recommended the article on CoolRunning.com entitled: From Couch to 5K and I plan on starting the routine soon. I think I may need to buy some new running shoes, though, because the pair I have are over 4 years old, when I joined a gym with my cousin on a whim because “I (was) gonna get skinny.” Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. They don’t look too worn but they are old, and I’ve used them enough times that I should change them out. The only bad thing that happened today was that on our way walking back home, I stepped into a hole in the pavement and now my right ankle hurts and is a bit swollen. Of course. Why am I always getting injured somehow?! I’m over it.

Anyway, besides that, my day was pretty damned good. I overindulged a little in the morning food-wise with a big brunch: I made some Colombian arepas (fried corn cakes) and eggs and onion. That little indulgence took me about 2 hours to eat (little bites, and basically just taking breaks while eating), cost me over 500 calories and it made my stomach slightly freak out (damn you, missing gallbladder!) but, I swear, it was almost worth it. So, so good. I behaved for the rest of the day and did a lot of cardio today, so I don’t feel guilty.

Who should feel guilty, however, is my cat, Bela Lugosi. My God, that thing is slowly eating us out of house and home. We’re trying to switch him to an all-wet-food diet because we heard is a lot better at preventing feline diabetes, but he loves it so much that he’s just begging for food literally all the time! He had 3 pouches today! He is a BIG cat and at this rate, he’s not going to be losing any weight and I worry. I’ve been reading about the catkins diet but it seems it’s only for diabetic cats. I don’t know. Do any of you have any fat kitties, and do you have any advice for me? I love him so much I just want him to have a long life with us!

I’m tired now and my ankle hurts so here are my daily stats:

Cal Consumed-1517 / Cal Burned-600 / Net Cal-917 / Carbs-205g / Fat-44g / Protein-86g


2 thoughts on “Walking and Catkins

  1. WHOOOHOOO! I’m excited about next year’s race!
    Sorry about the ankle, take it slow until it feels better!

  2. Hope your ankle feels better soon! I would definitely recommend new sneakers. If you can, go to a running store that fits you for sneakers. I did last year and it’s been awesome. I no longer have feet issues after a long walk (ok, well right now I do but that’s b/c I need new sneakers b/c the ones I have are past their prime). My new fitted ones for the gym are awesome though!!! It’s a little pricier but in my opinion worth it, if you can afford it. Let me know how you like the C25K program. Once I lose a bit more weight I’ll be doing that program.

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