Kat Skates!

I finally went to the skating rink today! YAY!!! I skated nonstop for a whole hour without falling down once, I was so excited! I also burned 568 calories doing that, so wow! I still have a LOT of work ahead of me so that I can join a roller-derby team, but I feel more confident on wheels after today.

<– By the way, that’s a me-shaped blur at the rink 😀

Anyway, so today I had this horrible, horrible hankering for french fries that would NOT go away, no matter how hard I try to talk myself out of it. So, after looking up info online, and rationalizing with myself that I would be doing massive amounts of cardio: I decided to give in…

I got a McDonald’s Happy Meal. I got the hamburger without the bun and only ate half of the child-sized fries (I gave the other half to my friend Willie). Was it the best thing to eat? No. Did the pouch get upset? Surprisingly, no. What did I learn? That sometimes it’s okay to give in sometimes, if only to get something out of your system. The fries did not taste as good as I fantasized they would, but they did motivate me to work out harder. I am aware about how not-good fast food is and I do not plan on making this a habit, trust me, I know what a fast-food diet can lead to: me at 320lbs.

After I got home from skating, my butt and legs were KILLING me! Also, I was STARVING! So, I decided I was gonna try my luck at making a grilled chicken Caesar salad and it came out awesome 😀 I found this organic Caesar dressing that was pretty good and kind of low in calories and the salad itself was very, very filling.

Another thing that I’ve been enjoying lately: diet Snapple. Yum! A nice alternative to water (sometimes I get tired of just water) and it’s much better than soda (which lately I have casually been indulging on, even though I almost have to force myself to drink it because its fizziness is very uncomfortable). So hurray, diet Snapple 🙂

I also did weightlifting tonight which was definitely a lot harder than last time. I can now squat and row 50lbs. Overhead presses, however, not so much. I was only able to lift the 50 lbs over my head 3 times and that was it. I’ll try again on Thursday, and hopefully I’ll be able to complete at least a whole set. I worked out very hard today and I definitely feel it. I am sore EVERYWHERE!

Anyway, here are my stats and good night!

Cal Consumed-1838 / Cal Burned-938 / Net Cal-940 / Carb-159g / Fat-87g / Protein-111g (yes!)



PS- How cute is my Happy Meal toy?


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