Issues, Plateau #2

I don’t know why for the past couple of weeks I’ve had this crazy craving for soda. And it sucks because I keep indulging in it. I bought the diet Snapple so I wouldn’t drink it anymore and yet here I am writing this entry, which means the diet Snapple isn’t doing its job. Am I trying to sabotage myself? I ended one plateau and I’m at another one. After the first 5 lbs lost, I’ve been still stuck at the same weight for the past week. Grr! I know, I know, stress can have a lot to do with it (not to mention my little soda escapades) but it’s really affecting me. I need to keep motivated but it’s hard sometimes.

What do you do to feel motivated?


3 thoughts on “Issues, Plateau #2

  1. Amiga, I don’t think it’s a big deal if you did not lose any weight one week, as long as you aren’t gaining, you are in the right path. If you hit a plateau, then you have to change what you are doing, you probably need more cardio. I’m sure the sodas don’t help, but they are about 120-150 calories each right? So ONE a day won’t kill you. That being said, I hope you quit soda all together :).

  2. when I need motivation I look at old pictures, they quickly remind me where I came from. I also think back to how I felt, very little energy and crappy most days.. Those two things keep me motivated. Are you drinking soda out or at home? If at home, what about not buying it and only partaking in it as a special treat?

    • I was drinking it out AND at home, so I’ve replaced it with diet Snapple for now and will try not to drink it even when I go out. It’s hard, I tell you.
      And yeah, someone sent me old pictures and it was definitely an eye-opening moment for me. It’s like I forgot what I used to look like!

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