Weekend Fun!

Ah, it’s Sunday again. Where did the weekend go? This weekend was a particularly good one, I got to enjoy some time with friends and get things done at home as well as get some very needed “me” time.

On Friday night Mark and I went out for sushi with my cousin Chely, it was such a good time. I haven’t seen my cousin in well over a few months and I’d missed her a lot. After sushi we hung out at the apartment, where Mark serenaded us with the electric guitar and we attempted to write a song about my cat Bela Lugosi, which we titled “Bastardo Gato.” It was a good time.

On Saturday we started off the day by driving all the way to my mom’s house to pick up my car which had been in the shop for two weeks. We woke up kind of late so I had to eat breakfast on the road, which consisted of some peanuts and a Slim Jim. Yes, a Slim Jim. Don’t judge me.

After that we met Leslie, her husband Adrian and our friends Willie and Jimena at Tate’s Comics for their 18th Annual Sale which was FULL of people. It’s interesting to see how many people are still into comic books today, I went looking for the Buffy: Season Eight comics but could not find all the ones I needed. Oh well. I did get to donate to send a puppy to K9 academy and thanks to Jimena,  I got a “Friday the 13th” tote. ❤

After Tate’s we went to the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market

I love how the cow is not eating the grass…

Leslie enjoys some baked goodies (that carrot cake was to DIE for!)…

We didn’t shop much but I got to eat half of a half of a Vietnamese pork sandwich called Banh Mi, and then I had a couple of bites of a Nutella Crepe. Deliciousness!!

Then Mark and I headed home, where we took a nap and then he went on to watch his political shows and what-not and I got some reading done. I love reading. Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk are my two favorite writers and usually the kind of stuff I tend to read; however I also enjoy a lot of Chick Lit. Fluffy? Yes. Not the most relevant? Sure. Fun? You betcha! So, right now I’m reading Jennifer Weiner’s “Good In Bed” and I am thoroughly enjoying it!

So, after that we had an amazing late lunch/dinner, Mark made some spaghetti with radishes:

Mmmmm, so good…

Then we went to the movies and watched Scream 4. It was campy and cute and very enjoyable. I’ve always been a fan of the Scream series, which gets me a lot of shit from my fellow horror fans but I’ve always thought the movies were cute and fun. What more could you want, right?

Today we went to our local bakery and got some bread, then we had a late breakfast and I spent most of today doing laundry, cleaning and reading and just getting things ready for the week ahead. I wish the week could go by as fast as this weekend did or at least be as enjoyable. I continue training for my May 7th 5k starting tomorrow (I take weekends off) so I’m looking forward to that.

Well, I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine, I’ll leave you with some pictures of tonight’s dinner, which was Mark’s version of meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and peas:

Oh, yeah…


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