A Pain in the Hip. Literally.

So, ever since I’ve taken up running (or really, since I started doing cardio consistently); I’ve been suffering from pain in my right hip. The pain has gotten worse the more exercise I do, and I had assumed it had to do with my shoes, so I figured it would be done once I got new ones. During my run/walk yesterday I felt no pain and even when I came home I felt great, then after my shower the hip pain came back. It is so annoying! It’s this shooting pain in my right hip, on the outside of the hip that radiates to the right side of my lower back and sometimes my right butt cheek down to my knee. Last night and today I feel it only in my hip, especially when I walk and put weight on that side.

I’ve been looking around online for causes/diagnoses (much to Mark’s chagrin) and it seems that hip pain is common for runners, because of a number of ailments from hip bursitis to ITBS. However, these symptoms don’t match any of those 100%. I don’t know, I suppose I should go to the doctor but I hate the fact that I’m sort of insurance-less at the moment and I’d have to pay full price for him to just be like “Oh, just rest it” or something.

To my friends who run or walk a lot, do you experience hip pain? How do I fix it?


9 thoughts on “A Pain in the Hip. Literally.

  1. I heard on NPR news about pains like this…due to activity or no activity…check their website maybe they have the report. It was pretty interesting.

  2. Amiga, you are probably doing too much too fast, you should only increase 10% to your weekly mileage to remain injury free. You can’t “suck-up” pain for a race, that’s just not good for you. Whenever I have an injury I stop running until it feels better.

    If you keep running on an injured hip, it’s just going to get worse, and then you’ll be out of commission for months, instead of days or weeks.

    You probably need to stretch more (after running) as well as practicing RICE (Rest, Ice Compress, Elevate) I do it after all my long runs. You may want to get a foam roller for your IT band.

    I suggest you stop toughing it out and rest of the rest of this week. Do some light cardio like swimming in the meantime.

    love you!

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