Hip Update

So, yesterday the pain got so bad I could barely walk or move without nearly screaming. My boss made me go to an urgent care center because I looked so bad. Every time I tried to stretch, my whole right leg would start tingling and then my foot would go numb. After releasing the stretch, my right hip/glute hurt so sharply that tears would come out of my eyes. The drive to the Baptist Plaza Medical Urgent Care Center was absolute agony. So, my doctor told me what I had been suspecting: I have sciatica. I got lectured about training when I felt pain and about increasing my speed/time too suddenly. The worst part is that I can’t do the 5k next week. I’m so bummed. Here I’ve been so excited and talking about it nonstop and then this stupid shit happens 😦

I’m currently on pain meds and muscle relaxers, which are tearing my stomach up. I barely have any appetite and I’m very out of it; it’s weird. The pain pills are very strong but I still felt pain last night while on them, just duller. It’s kind of annoying to not be all “here” and to have to lay around everywhere, but today I woke up feeling better; I can now walk without limping and the pain is still there but very manageable. Hopefully by next week I can start walking again, and I promise this time I won’t try to do too much too soon but progress slowly.

How about you guys who work out regularly? Any injuries?


5 thoughts on “Hip Update

  1. Any injuries! I think I’ve injured everything there is to be injured! That’s the life of an athlete. I’ve had back spasms, sciatica pain, shin splits, Achilles tendon problems, plantar fasciitis, strained back, strained neck, strained shoulder, wrist problems and I suffered from knee pain for about 1 year, I had to run with knee braces. It’s hard to wean off of those, but I did it and my knees are as strong as ever.

    This is just how life goes amiga, you get injured, you get back up and train smarter the next time around. I always draft a training plan now, and I don’t increase my mileage by more than 10% per week during marathon training season.

    Also, during my back injury (about 1 year in pain) I stopped weight lifting and running and took up yoga and pilates.

    You’ll be back on your feet in no time!! Take care of yourself and don’t rely on pain killers. Stop taking them as soon as you feel better, even if you have a little pain.
    Love you!

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