Quick Update

So, I was able to finally get a workout in today! Yay!

I did 30 min of walking-jogging but I am definitely not as in shape as I used to be! I am only able to really run without stopping for 2-3 minutes at a time and then I can walk briskly, but still; not bad. Barely any hip pain. Also, when I got home I did 20 minutes of light strength training: lunges, squats, planks and push-ups, all with small dumbbells of 5 lbs each (as opposed to all the weight I used to pile on before *sigh*).

Small steps, I guess. I definitely feel my mood improve whenever I work out, so my goal is to keep this up and hopefully keep improving, running-wise. I sure do miss doing the Stronglifts workout but I need to wait until I get my hip MRI and all that. So, soon, I hope.

The rest of things have been going well, I keep meaning to write more but I have been drawing a blank kind of, when it comes to topics. But I should have some extra time this week and probably get an entry or two in.

How about you? Have you been improving on your workouts or have you fallen behind like me and have to start over?



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