5 Day Pouch Test: Day Two (Day of HELL)

Ok, so here are the few things I learned today:

  • Muscle Milk is not that great when it’s the only thing you have to drink.
  • The 5 Day Pouch Test also acts as a detoxifier. This thing has totally cleaned out my stomach! (It was not pleasant).
  • Barely felt hungry all day (except if food was in front of me or I smelled it).
  • I compared this to being in zombie mode before, but it’s really like taking a handful of Valium. I was aware things were happening all around me, I just didn’t particularly care.
  • Pureed black bean soup = Love!
  • Mark makes the best soup EVER.

Here I am, enjoying my last “meal” -Mark’s Tomato Bisque Soup (or could it be a Tomato Bliss Soup?. The wine and crackers = Not Mine. Sadly.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.





3 thoughts on “5 Day Pouch Test: Day Two (Day of HELL)

  1. Hey, at least it’s only 5 days, think back to pre-op and just after surgery. I’m 6 weeks out and just now getting back on regular foods… ;o) You can do it!

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