5 Day Pouch Test: Day Three

Today was soooo much better! Here are the highlights:

  • I’m down 5lbs!!!! Whoohoo!!!
  • I got to have an egg for breakfast and it was GLORIOUS!
  • My pouch is feeling definitely tighter, I get full a heck of a lot faster.
  • Eating without drinking at the same time is VERY TOUGH TO DO.
  • I got to have my tuna salad without the crackers and it was even more awesome than usual.
  • My mood improves a lot when I eat.
  • I feel fantastic!

Tomorrow it’s on to firmer proteins (I made this ground beef chili -but minus the beans- for lunch tomorrow) and it’s gonna be awesome!

Also, I wanna wish Aslynn good luck, she starts her pouch reset tomorrow! You can do it!


6 thoughts on “5 Day Pouch Test: Day Three

  1. 5 lbs is three days! Make sure you get enough liquids back into your body, that detox was pretty intense. Besides that, glad you are happy, now eat comida so I can kick your ass Friday 🙂

    • I am drinking a lot of fluids! I’m doing 64oz of liquids a day (part of the pouch rules) and even today I had a protein shake for breakfast (I woke up so late lol) so it’s not just water weight, I’m thinking. 😀

  2. You sound so upbeat & positive! 🙂 I would NOT be able to eat without drinking. I drink about 5-6L of water a day…plus a cup of coffee and a gargantuan mug of green tea (basically I’m part fish haha).

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