5 Day Pouch Test: Day Four

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Day four was good, for the most part. I barely felt hungry all day and I got full at around 6oz (as opposed to 8-9oz) and I got to eat Chipotle! I had their burrito bowl with black beans, pork (carnitas FTW!), some cheese and guacamole (did I mention that avocado might just be the love of my life?). Anyway I always have to divide their bowls in 2 or 3 servings but it is worth it! All hail Chipotle!

The only bad thing yesterday was how tired I felt all day, and my stomach is still behaving in cleanse-mode which can be annoying.

I’ve decided to start my own version of South Beach Diet on Monday (no fat-free products, and trying to avoid all their processed stuff) so that I can fight my still-there carb cravings. They are still strong. I MISS BREAD! To be honest I hate saying that I’m even the South Beach thing because I want to stress that I am not doing a “fad diet,” I’m just trying to not go overboard with carbs again. They are SO my trigger foods! Their system is good because you cut carbs for 14 days and then you incorporate whole wheat back in your diet gradually and in small quantities. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

How about you? Are carbs your trigger food, too?

Today I have my first training session with Leslie! I am SO excited, I can’t WAIT!!


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