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The Girl Goes Corporate (A Story With Pictures!)

As you all well know by now I have been adamant about having purple hair, no matter what. I even went so far as dyeing it black once for an interview, getting the job and then re-bleaching and going back to purple in less than 3 weeks, risking tons of damage. Purple. Fo. Lyfe.

Happy Times!

But, as Robert Frost taught us, nothing gold can stay. And this isn’t The Outsiders and I’m definitely NOT a Ponyboy, come on, I would’ve totally been Sodapop, OK? (Although secretly I would have thought myself a Dallas … doesn’t everyone?)

Anyway, back to the point. There comes a time in every starry-eyed, purple-haired young girl’s life when she has to grow up and realize that she is now an “adult” woman and needs a job where she needs to make big money because of stupid “adult” things like bills and the people at this job tell her she needs to get rid of her beloved, beautiful hair. And no lie, you guys, she dies a little inside. (And she realizes she’s being a little dramatic about the whole thing but, come on, the hair is just so pretty!)

So, I did it. I did it for the money! (God, I love the drama of this post.) I did it because I had to. I made Mark go with me to Target and look through hair dye boxes for like 45 minutes (“But am I a dark burgundy or. like, just a regular burgundy”) until the man looked like he would either cry or throttle me (probably both, at the same time.) prior to finding something I thought would both please people at work and still feed the little rebellious teenage girl who will always live within me. That bitch won’t shut up.

I know you’re dying with anticipation, so here it is, the whole process (because like all teenage girls, my inner one is also obnoxious):

Sullen, I await The Change

Sullen, I await The Change. I’m totally singing “The Sword of Damocles” in my mind.


And then, 45 minutes later, it was done. I walked into the shower and rinsed of the hairdye and totally did that thing where you try to guess the color of the wet hair you just dyed by holding it up to the light coming through the bathroom window but of course you can’t tell shit cuz it’s wet. Don’t lie, you know you’ve done it. I was especially anxious to see the results because I have lighter-bleached hair up front and had no idea how the whole thing would come out. This is what it looked like last night after it dried:

Not so bad. Never mind the little bruise on my forehead. Still healing here.

Not so bad, huh? Never mind the little bruise on my forehead. Still healing here. Vitamins and rest are my friends!

I'm actually doing these while chatting with the GoGoT girls from TheFlounce.Com! Ha!

I’m actually doing these while chatting with the GoGoT girls from TheFlounce.Com! Ha! That was so awesome!













But the real test would come the following day, under the brightest light of all…. THE LIGHT OF THE SUNN!! (Pretend I screamed the whole sun thing in a total Metal voice, it adds to the drama. Do it.)

Alright so far, like a black cherry...

Hmm, like a black cherry…

Yes, I think I like this….

I can still kinda punk it up.








Wait a minute…

Wait a minute ... This hair color is GLORIOUS!

This hair color is GLORIOUS!

All right, all right, so I kind of cheated. I can’t let the shade of violet or purple out of my life forever, you know? I did say Fo. Lyfe.  I meant that. So when I found that Vidal Sassoon has this whole line of permanent hair color called The London Luxe Collection, with a color called Deep Velvet Violet and I read reviews that it wasn’t too purpley but it was violet enough in the sun, I was like “Daaassss ittt!!” (I’m so sorry for that link, it’s so offensive but it kills me.) Anyway, this hairdye is awesome and it looks totally different in different lighting, it’s chameleon hair! Here, I’ll show you:

hair6 hair13 hair12 hair11

These were all taken driving while Mark drove around like at 5PM, and I had WAY too much fun doing it!

So, thus concludes my epic story of how I simply dyed my hair a different shade of violet and made you all read a really long blog post about it and gave me excuse to overload you with selfies. I mean, ahem, this was about discovering how I can still be my rebellious self even if I have to grow up and blah blahdy blah blah something, I turned thirty last year blah blah enlightenment. There you go. Deep stuff! We’ve all learned something! the-more-you-know-nbc




But seriously, this is the best color ever!

But seriously, this is the best color ever!

Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes…

I don’t want to end this week with such a negative post. Yes, I’m going through some really dark shit but I’m also surprising myself with my resilience and strength of character. I will not let this shit get me down. I’ve already started making plans for the very near future I won’t share because I don’t want to jinx them (I’m such a Colombian, I swear) and realizing that I have my writing muse back (guys I’ve written TWO RECAPS already!!! TWO! Back to back and barely sleeping, just like the old times!! I can’t wait until I’m able to share them here!) has made me feel alive again. Ah, writing always fixes everything for me.

 So just remember, always smile when the shadows fall for the sun will soon shine again (and again, and again).

A couple weeks ago but recent enough :)

A few days recent enough that I’m not beat up

Back From The Dead?

Well, kind of. I’ve neglected writing for so wrong that it’s like rising back from the dead. A LOT has gone on in my life. I updated what I could to keep you guys semi-updated

(not that I’m sure anyone really read this…) My main thing was getting sexually assaulted last year and slowly dealing with that.

I’m still not over it. I still have nightmares. I was going to therapy for a while but my therapist sort of broke up with me because I wouldn’t show up since getting out of bed was impossible. Jeez this post is a downer. It’s gonna get cheerier, I promise. Ish. My neurologist took away my ability to drive until I can be at least three months seizure-free. Hasn’t happened yet.

Cautiously Optimistic

Cautiously Optimistic

The actual diagnosis for the seizures (or “events” like theneuros call them) is Non Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD). Other names; which I FUCKING HATE because it makes them sound like it’s just something you’re making up are: Psychogenic Seizures and Pseudo Seizures. It’s like they imply they aren’t happening. I’ve had paramedics arguing me that I’m faking. How is our medical staff so uninformed?? The only treatment is psychiatry and therapy and medication.  I’m seeing a new therapist today and I’m nervous because it’s always nerve wracking to have to go through all my story with someone new. But maybe she can offer a different perspective on things. I need a different kind of therapy because so far all I’ve done is talk about my childhood and take too many benzodiazepines to cope with anxiety. I can’t go on like this.

Mostly, I’m pissed off that the guys who assaulted me didn’t just rape my body but it’s also like they raped my brain as well. And they got away with it because I felt pressured t drop the charges because it all such a horror movie. I  used to be such a happy go lucky type of girl an these days I’m mostly bitter. It isn’t fair. I’m hoping Cognitive Therapy can change these behaviors. I’m hoping I can find solace in weigh lifting and yoga and just being active again. I’m hoping I can forgive ad forget these people I called my “friends” for so long and embrace new friendships.

At least some good news have been coming my way, I found a wonderful community at exJayners and they actually write my writing and want me to start writing for which is this awesome website they are starting out. So far it’ll be some TV Recaps (What? I get to watch TV and write about it!? Whoo!!!) but they mentioned I may get other assignments as well and as you can tell this is the first time I have felt truly happy in MONTHS. So, thank you guys!