Hi! My name Kat Pao and welcome to my blog! I guess I can say that I started this as  another weightloss progress blog after having Gastric Bypass surgery back in Dec katof  2009 but it has become so much more after the years. It’s become a safe place to talk about motherhood, being a woman, relationships, feminist issues,  recipes (by my spectacular cook of a boyfriend), humor and now I’m even adding a TV Recap section (thanks to the wonderful folks at theFlounce.com.

I guess you could say I’m a pretty random girl. My family emigrated from Colombia to Miami, Florida when I was 8 years old and if you listen to my mother; I assimilated too quickly. I don’t quite see it that way though. I think a lot of us young immigrants live in a weird in-between place. I don’t feel Colombian enough and I’m definitely not American. It’s a unique perspective I plan on writing about soon.

As for my life now? I still live in South Florida with the most wonderful man named Mark and together we made the most awesome, most beautiful, smartest, rambunctious  daughter named Francesca; who already shows the makings of a future punk rocker with her “fuck-it” attitude. We also have two furry children; our sweet giant of a dog Bruce Campbell (who puts up with ‘Cesca’s antics with almost saintly patience) and our cat Bela Lugosi who is a fatass dick (but he’s our fatass dick. We say it with love!). They are also the laziest, most loving and hilarious people (I tell you, they are people trapped in animal bodies).

So, I hope you enjoy my little corner of the internet, I think it has a bit for everyone and above all, it hopes it lets you get to know me a little bit.


Kat Pao

Snippets Of My Life

Snippets Of My Life




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