True Blood, I was wrong.

Do not read if you didn’t watch Sunday’s episode!


Just when I thought I was out …. they pulled me back in. Sunday night’s episode of True Blood made me fall back in love with the show all over again! With “Death is Not the End,” the writers tightened things up and realized what works best is to make the storyline about our characters as opposed to some complicated plot about vampire concentration camps or fairy alternate realities. For the first time in years I felt myself really connected emotionally all throughout this episode and actually engaging with the characters, which as you know is a big difference from how I started watching this season. The infected vampires that threatened to be the “Big Bad” this season were swiftly killed off along with some recurring characters (Bye, Kenya!) and that was that. Simple. Finally!


What made me love the episode wasn’t the fighting, however, it was how everyone around handled all the death that has been going on. We start the episode with Sookie calling Alcide’s father to inform him of his son’s death while Jason is calling Hoyt in Alaska to tell him about his mother. Alcide’s death has made Sookie stronger and she’s able to deliver the news without crying; but her brother loves and misses Hoyt, who in turn has been glamoured to forget he even knows Jason, and almost loses it. It was a very touching scene and one that you rarely get to see on a show like this; but I think it’s this emotional route that the show is going to go on for this last season and I personally think it’s the right decision. The scene with Arlene having a conversation with her dead husband, Terry, as she’s at the brink of death and deciding to stay alive almost made me cry in that I was almost in tears. Arlene has usually been a character used for comic relief and here I was, holding my breath and feeling this rush of relief when she didn’t die; when two weeks ago I didn’t even care that Tara, one of the more main characters, had been killed without any fanfare. Then there was Lafayette talking to Jessica about moving on after killing the man he loved and convincing her to eat (while totally eye-fucking her boyfriend, let’s not lie). Beautiful. The Bill/Sookie/Eric love triangle? Okay, still annoying but that look that Eric and Sookie shared near the end was everything. Damn. I may be Team Eric now.


Talking about everyone’s favorite Viking, what sealed the deal about my love affair with True Blood being back on was Eric and Pam’s backstory about the origin of Fangtasia and how they met Ginger. Ginger! Turns out Eric and Pam were punished and had to run a video store in the 80’s, much to their dismay.


One day in the 90’s in walks Ginger, flannel and all, looking for vampire movies. She sees Eric Northman, who is totally channeling Jason Priestley in 90210, walk into the room in slow motion while Garbage’s “#1 Crush” plays on the background and her fate is sealed; she is theirs forever.

ericTrue Blood 7x04 - Death Is Not the End - Tara Buck (Ginger)

It was awesome! And Fangtasia? All Ginger’s idea, only Pam glamoured her to forget it and has been passing it as hers ever since. Ah, Pam. But I still love you! I guessed that’s when all the glamouring started for poor Ginger and she went from bright college student to … well, Ginger. I suggest HBO do a spinoff of Pam, Eric and Ginger’s years in the video store set in the 90’s where during the day we get to see what Ginger’s life is like and she’s actually this really smart chick who’s going to be a professor but one night she discovers that her bosses are vampires and she’s introduced to this whole underground society and we get to see everything leading up to vampires “coming out of the coffin” and Fangtasia’s early years. Who’s with me? HBO, hit me up.

Oh, Ginger I'm so sorry

Oh, Ginger I’m so sorry

Call it nostalgia, call it better writing, but after seven seasons this show has finally got it together. I say bring on the rest of Season Seven, I can’t wait to see what’s next.I’m actually going to miss Sookie Stackhouse, words I never thought I would type in my life. But it’s true!

True Blood has done the impossible, it’s made me sad that it’s going to end.

What do you guys think the Eric, Pam & Ginger at The Videostore/Fangtasia Spinoff Should be called?



I’m going to be changing some things around here. I don’t know that I’m comfortable with what’s here anymore.


I promise I will finish recapping season two of Orphan Black!

The Sun Does Shine Again

Smile When the Shadows Fall for the Sun Will Soon Shine Again

The thing they don’t tell you about mental illness is how it sometimes lulls you into a fake sense of security before pulling the rug out from under you. This new medication (Wellbutrin) has been working wonders but then my period came and suddenly I was back in tears every five seconds, lashing out and just being irrational. Now, should I be surprised? Hormones are a crazy thing after all, and I did all the research to see if this antidepressant would actually affect my menstrual cycle (they say no). But it completely turned my whole house upside down. Mark and I were at each others’ throats, and anything he said to me was met with mistrust and aggression.

As bad as my periods have been, and they are bad, I’d never experienced such a Dr. Jeckyll/Ms. Hyde scenario before. Mark was caught like a deer in headlights and the house became a warzone. It was such a big blow to us because I’ve been making so much progress and it just spiraled me into a deeper depression.

I guess what I had to learn firsthand (which has been told to me many times) that when you’re in recovery, setbacks can and will happen.

I’m happy to report that things have more or less returned to “normal” or whatever is passing for that these days. This family has been through a lot, and yes I say this family because although most things happened directly to me, they affected everyone. As I write this, Frenchie and Mark argue about whether or not “Daddy can sit down” (that girl is so strong-willed!) and I’m sitting here, content, in front of my laptop and being able to write again as the smell of brewing coffee fills the air.

Life is good. Enjoy the little moments.

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Is There Life on Mars

It has been a shitty week. Some things happened in my family that just left me exhausted and ready to throw in the towel and then I was informed I would no longer be doing recaps at theFlounce.

Not to say it’s all over with them, now I’m going to be more of a pop-culture analyst and to be honest that sounds kind of cool, you know?

I plan on continue my OB recaps here, because I love them so and it is such an underestimated show.

I shall fight the fight!



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Goodbye, GoGoT, you were fun while you lasted.

Yep, I will no longer be doing Game of Thrones on the TV Recaps section


I will be doing Louie! Yay!

And some other shows TBA in the fall so yay.

Also, I promise I will have an actual blog post soon.

Here’s what’s going on in my household right now:

Mark walked to the kitchen singing “It’s raining men” and Francesca, sitting next to me yelled, “No, daddy,” quite angrily, “Banana!”