Why Do Clothing Stores Hate My Boobs? (Yes, I’m taking it personally)

It’s ridiculous, really.  We are bombarded with commercial’s for Victoria’s Secret super duper push-up bras, and it almost seems like everyone on TV/Movies has large breasts (with tiny frames!) yet I go to an H&M or Urban Outfitters or hell, even Macy’s and for the life of me, my 38D’s don’t fit in shit! Dresses are the worst. I get the size I’m supposed to be and it’s all honky dory with the zipper until BOOM! BOOBS! Damn thing won’t close. It is so frustrating. I feel like I have lost all this weight and should be enjoying all these cute dresses but nooo, my boobs won’t fit anywhere! I have to get like a XL-XXL and then the rest of the dress looks ridiculous. I always leave stores feeling so unhappy and like that fat girl I used to be. But then I can’t shop in the Plus Size section because everything is huge and, let’s face it, hideous (at least the places I’ve seen). Yeah, what’s up with designers and ridiculous loud patterns for Plus Sizes? Do they want to shame fat people by only making ugly clothes?

H%M "Plus Size" Dress

H%M “Plus Size” Dress

How in the living fuck is this woman plus sized?? Where are my boobs supposed to fit in there??
I swear, the whole fashion industry is so fucked. THEY ARE LOSING MONEY BY ALIENATING THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS!!!!!

Did you guys hear about these “real women” mannequins in Sweden? They come in a size 6 and a size 10 (mind you, the “average woman” is a size 12-14) and everyone is oohing and aahhing over how progressive this is and how these look like “real women.” First of all, they just look like slightly bigger mannequins; second of all, I am tired of all this “real women” crap. We are ALL REAL WOMEN, made of FLESH & BLOOD. We need to stop making this line between thin and not thin women and saying that one is better than the other. Also, I think we should have all kinds of mannequins with all types of bodies. I bet you I won’t look like that mannequin at a size 10 (that tall Swedish bitch -JK … kinda.) and neither do a lot of women who wear that size. Designers are missing out on customers by ignoring people beyond a size 6. It’s ridiculous! We are all fucking different, why can’t fashion reflect that? I guess I just don’t understand it. I’ve always heard the adage of “dress the body you have, not the one you wish you had” but do you know how difficult it is to dress my body? And I know I’m not the only one, either. My friend  and I once got into this long conversation about how we love all these adorable dresses on ModCloth.com but there’s no way we fit in them, even their “plus sizes.” And you know what it comes down to? That’s right: BOOBS. Why is it so difficult to find a dress that fits ALL OF ME?!

OK. Rant Over.

I just want some pretty dresses, dammit.




Do you guys have issues finding clothing that fit a specific part of your body?


Workouts With Leslie

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, Friday I had my first training session with Leslie! We did weights, abs and yoga. It was a workout of about 2.5 hours and she kicked my ass!

My whole upper body has always been my weak point so she came up with a whole variety of weight-lifting exercises for my shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs that were both easy but very intense! I’m writing this entry with total T-Rex Arms (when your arms are so sore you can barely move or really stretch them so you look like a T-Rex). She made me a little sheet to track my reps and how much weight I used. It was all very organized and neat and all in all a great time. I found out I can do a lot more than I thought, and also that Yoga is not as easy as it looks. To see what our routine entailed, you can check out her detailed blog entry here.

We’re going to make these workouts a weekly thing and also, she’s gonna make me a little sheet with workouts that I’ll do on my own during the week. I’m going to be trying the gym at work this week for free and I’m going to try other gyms around my area to see what I like best. Since I can’t run for too long at a time until I fix the whole hip situation, I’m trying to focus on building muscle and strength; combining it with the little cardio I can do.

Tomorrow I’m starting my own version of Phase One of the South Beach Diet and I’m both looking forward to and dreading it. I hate that I can’t drink any wine or have any corn or potatoes for two full weeks. But it’s all for the sake of shocking my system and getting over this carb obsession I seem to have. Damn you carbs! At least the food list of what I CAN eat is very extensive and inclusive, so I don’t see me being too hungry during this whole ordeal. And after doing the 5 Day Pouch Test, I’m getting full a lot faster so I’m feeling good and confident.

I hope everyone had a nice, fun weekend and is ready to start a brand new week!

5 Day Pouch Test: Day Four

A bowl of guacamole beside a tomato and a cut ...

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Day four was good, for the most part. I barely felt hungry all day and I got full at around 6oz (as opposed to 8-9oz) and I got to eat Chipotle! I had their burrito bowl with black beans, pork (carnitas FTW!), some cheese and guacamole (did I mention that avocado might just be the love of my life?). Anyway I always have to divide their bowls in 2 or 3 servings but it is worth it! All hail Chipotle!

The only bad thing yesterday was how tired I felt all day, and my stomach is still behaving in cleanse-mode which can be annoying.

I’ve decided to start my own version of South Beach Diet on Monday (no fat-free products, and trying to avoid all their processed stuff) so that I can fight my still-there carb cravings. They are still strong. I MISS BREAD! To be honest I hate saying that I’m even the South Beach thing because I want to stress that I am not doing a “fad diet,” I’m just trying to not go overboard with carbs again. They are SO my trigger foods! Their system is good because you cut carbs for 14 days and then you incorporate whole wheat back in your diet gradually and in small quantities. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

How about you? Are carbs your trigger food, too?

Today I have my first training session with Leslie! I am SO excited, I can’t WAIT!!

Quick Update

So, I was able to finally get a workout in today! Yay!

I did 30 min of walking-jogging but I am definitely not as in shape as I used to be! I am only able to really run without stopping for 2-3 minutes at a time and then I can walk briskly, but still; not bad. Barely any hip pain. Also, when I got home I did 20 minutes of light strength training: lunges, squats, planks and push-ups, all with small dumbbells of 5 lbs each (as opposed to all the weight I used to pile on before *sigh*).

Small steps, I guess. I definitely feel my mood improve whenever I work out, so my goal is to keep this up and hopefully keep improving, running-wise. I sure do miss doing the Stronglifts workout but I need to wait until I get my hip MRI and all that. So, soon, I hope.

The rest of things have been going well, I keep meaning to write more but I have been drawing a blank kind of, when it comes to topics. But I should have some extra time this week and probably get an entry or two in.

How about you? Have you been improving on your workouts or have you fallen behind like me and have to start over?


ReBlog: Train for a 5k in 9-10 Weeks! (And a Quick Question)

My awesome friend Leslie wrote a post about training for 5ks that I thought needed reposting, since I know a lot of you have included “running a 5k” in your bucket lists.

Read her post and check out her awesome blog here.

This is a real quick and easy way to train yourself, and it makes me sad to read about it because I miss running SO. MUCH.

Soon, hopefully…

Anyway, a quick question for my post-op friends:

Do you snack? What are your favorite snacks? What did your surgeon/NUT tell you about snacking?

Hip Update

So, yesterday the pain got so bad I could barely walk or move without nearly screaming. My boss made me go to an urgent care center because I looked so bad. Every time I tried to stretch, my whole right leg would start tingling and then my foot would go numb. After releasing the stretch, my right hip/glute hurt so sharply that tears would come out of my eyes. The drive to the Baptist Plaza Medical Urgent Care Center was absolute agony. So, my doctor told me what I had been suspecting: I have sciatica. I got lectured about training when I felt pain and about increasing my speed/time too suddenly. The worst part is that I can’t do the 5k next week. I’m so bummed. Here I’ve been so excited and talking about it nonstop and then this stupid shit happens 😦

I’m currently on pain meds and muscle relaxers, which are tearing my stomach up. I barely have any appetite and I’m very out of it; it’s weird. The pain pills are very strong but I still felt pain last night while on them, just duller. It’s kind of annoying to not be all “here” and to have to lay around everywhere, but today I woke up feeling better; I can now walk without limping and the pain is still there but very manageable. Hopefully by next week I can start walking again, and I promise this time I won’t try to do too much too soon but progress slowly.

How about you guys who work out regularly? Any injuries?

A Pain in the Hip. Literally.

So, ever since I’ve taken up running (or really, since I started doing cardio consistently); I’ve been suffering from pain in my right hip. The pain has gotten worse the more exercise I do, and I had assumed it had to do with my shoes, so I figured it would be done once I got new ones. During my run/walk yesterday I felt no pain and even when I came home I felt great, then after my shower the hip pain came back. It is so annoying! It’s this shooting pain in my right hip, on the outside of the hip that radiates to the right side of my lower back and sometimes my right butt cheek down to my knee. Last night and today I feel it only in my hip, especially when I walk and put weight on that side.

I’ve been looking around online for causes/diagnoses (much to Mark’s chagrin) and it seems that hip pain is common for runners, because of a number of ailments from hip bursitis to ITBS. However, these symptoms don’t match any of those 100%. I don’t know, I suppose I should go to the doctor but I hate the fact that I’m sort of insurance-less at the moment and I’d have to pay full price for him to just be like “Oh, just rest it” or something.

To my friends who run or walk a lot, do you experience hip pain? How do I fix it?