TV Recaps

“Television Recaps, you ask?”    “Why, yes!”

“Kat Pao, is there anything you can’t do?”  “Well… I haven’t mastered flying … yet.”


Oh! Oh, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away up there. But yes you read that right, I finally get to do something I have always wanted thanks to the wonderful people at TheFlounce! You must check out their site, they have all kinds of content and it’s run by truly wonderful, supportive people. They have been there for me through a very tough time, keeping me focused on deadlines and teaching me a lot along the way.

I’ve recapped a few shows for them and soon will start doing more in-depth articles about Television and how they relate to Pop Culture.

All these recaps and articled appear first on theFlounce and then you also get to enjoy them here.


Now, click on the menu above and start your recap experience!!




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