Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 5

”Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”


Whew! If last week was super emotional, this week was all about action! Trust me, I was glad to have the little break from crying. Even though ”Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est” did have its sweet moments (Helena and Sarah need a buddy cop movie!) a lot happened to move the plot forward. I’m psyched!

Sarah and the Day That Wouldn’t End:


Sarah was busy this week! Between getting Art to babysit Helena and learning that Kira has become distant and now refers to Cal as “daddy,” I’m surprised she had the emotional energy to deal with everything else that came after.

Kira is definitely attached to Cal, and he’s definitely showing some suspicious behavior. There’s the secret compartment with the cash and gun, the fake ID and registration to the RV, and the overall shady act with the police. I don’t know if he’s with DYAD or not, but he’s definitely hiding something. He did seem genuinely interested in Sarah’s “sisters,” but is that because he already knew about them, or because he has no idea?  We’ll find out.

The SHAAADE of it all!

The SHAAADE of it all!

In Sarah’s never-ending day, she’s being blackmailed by Rachel (via Paul) to turn Helena, Kira and herself in to DYAD or Felix will be charged with killing a police officer. Paul (interrupting Felix and Colin as they’re about to get it on) forcibly gets Fe’s prints on the murder weapon at Rachel’s behest, because Paul has gone full-on Villain now.

Sarah returns to Art’s apartment in a panic to find her twin sister, Helena, has escaped and handcuffed Art (because, of course). But she left them a clue to where she’s going. She and Art follow Helena’s GPS coordinates to the storage unit where she lived (“How sad,” indeed) and find all kinds of new clues. For instance, a photo of “Swan Man,” who just may be Professor Duncan, one of the creators of Project Leda, which implies he may still be alive. Sarah thinks she can use the photo as leverage for Fe’s freedom. She’s about to leave when Art finds that Helena was recently there to pick up a sniper rifle, leaving behind a headless Barbie doll dressed up as Rachel–so we know who her next target is.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

They find Helena about to shoot Rachel from a building across the street (the timing here is TV Magic) and while they’re trying to talk her down, Sarah (who catches a glimpse of the “50 Shades of Rachel” scene that’s going on) tells Helena that Paul doesn’t matter anymore. Helena offers to kill him, too, for being a douche (aww), but Sarah says no. She explains to Helena that if anything happens to Rachel, then Felix will be in jail forever and they need to protect him, and that there are ways, other than murder, to get back at Rachel.

Helena is torn (I mean, murder seems effective) but Sarah explains that she needs Helena’s help to find Swan Man, for Felix. She admits to being happy Helena is back, that she was lost without her. It’s all Helena ever wanted —a family— and she puts down the gun to go to Sarah. The twins share a moment and walk off in a hug, while Art looks on: “… the fuck?”  He doesn’t understand Helena’s awesomeness yet.









The episode ends with Sarah making a deal with Leekie–it buys her three days to find Professor Duncan aka “Swan Man,” and go on a road trip with Helena to free Felix while Paul is (unbeknownst to them) on their tail.


Cosima and the Cure:


Cosima and Delphine discover Leekie has found a stem-cell line that is compatible with Cosima, so they try and break into his office but get caught.

Let me be the first to admit, I may have been wrong about Delphine. Damn you, show.

Dr. Leekie explains it’s not him, it’s Rachel who wants to withhold the treatment from Cosima and then drops a bomb —when the explosion happened 20 years ago, the original genome for the clones was destroyed. The entire project is an orphan (I see what you did there!)


Since the genetic sequences that make the clones possible were lost, Leekie tells Cosima that if Sarah has found something, he needs to know. Cosima has no idea. Despite what Rachel said, Dr. Leekie says he will treat Cosima for her illness as a sign of good faith.

Oh, no, this won’t backfire at all!

When Cosima is getting a test to see if her body will accept the stem-cell line, she sets up the meeting between Sarah and Dr. Leekie. Dr. Leekie tells Sarah that Cosima is sick, so now that the cat is out of the bag, it’ll be interesting to see how all the clones handle the news.


Helena, Problem Solver:



Hissing excluded, after Sarah explains that Felix is family, Helena seems to adjust pretty quickly–calling him “Brother Sestra” and obeying him enough to arrive at Art’s apartment. For all the patience Art keeps insisting he has, he seems to have no finesse when handling Helena (did he never interview traumatized children at the job?)

He plies her with food and gets a few details: The nuns said she was possessed; one of them locked her in the cellar so Helena poked her eyes out; Maggie Chen had a locker somewhere, and “Swan Man” —who played God— was in it, and she likes donuts. So, you know, typical Helena stuff.

She gets out of the handcuffs Art put her in (See? No finesse.) And escapes. She gets her sniper rifle and prepares to kill Rachel. First, there’s the styling of the Barbie doll head’s hair to get it just right. Then she watches Rachel dominate Paul, giving commentary (“Very pretty, dirty, sexy Rachel” will be forever embedded in my brain). As she’s about to shoot, she’s stopped by Sarah and Art.








It’s been great to see Helena go from mindless, robot-like killer to someone who just needs a family/love, and this scene was the bookend to that transformation. Sarah and Helena’s instant sister rapport is sweet. I hope that we get to see Helena keep growing under Sarah’s wing, and I think Helena is what Sarah needs to expand her maternal instinct and be better with Kira.

As to how she will deal with all she experienced with both Old and New Wave Proletheans, that remains to be seen, but there’s definitely some underlying trauma there, as one would expect. I really hope she gets to have her revenge, Helena-style, on the New Wave Proletheans, because that would feel so good.



Rachel, All Revved Up and Ready to Go:



Oh, Rachel. She is pissed at Sarah, and now Helena, for killing Daniel (and just everything). She’s willing to withhold treatment for Cosima’s illness until Sarah turns herself in, frame Felix for murder, have Leekie followed; at this point I think her dalliance with Paul is just to spite Sarah.

The scene in question, while very sexy, also shows how power and control are at the core of who Rachel is. She was getting worked upon the mere power trip pf finally having Paul, who was always Sarah’s Ally, be completelyunder her control









Imagine how much Sarah must have pissed her off, going into her apartment and looking at her family home movies.

Although growing up self-aware as a clone, she likes the idea of having a monitor, which in itself is another form of control. When Sarah and the clones take her down, it’s going to be one hell of a battle, and it’s going to be epic to watch Rachel lose herself as she loses that control.


Felix, Head Over Heels:


I’m adding Fe this week because Alison was off, and because that sex scene with Colin was amazing and hilarious (the lube!). Also, how awesome a brother is Fe, really? The things he is willing to put up with are endless, my own brother would not deal with me if I did the things Sarah has done (but I still love you!). Fe’s become an invaluable ally to the clones and for their sake I hope Sarah and Helena are able to get him out of jail in the next episode.


And I hope Colin doesn’t break up with him.


The Proletheans:


Man, these people. It’s not enough that they have creepy leader Henrik and wannabe-killer sister-daughter, Gracie. Now it turns out the Sister-Wife (whose name I don’t know) is scarier?

I just don’t even know how to deal anymore. Between the lip-sewing manhunt for Helena (so she could carry the abomination they’ve created) and the threats to Gracie that if they don’t find Helena she will carry the child, I don’t know who or what to be scared of more.

These people are worse than DYAD and way more interesting.

And that scene between Gracie and Mark. Eww.


Next Week:

  • Twin Road Trip!
  • Alison finds Vic in rehab … and tells him she’s a clone??
  • Mrs. S finds Paul!

Credits go to http://thecloneclub.tumblr.com/ and http://orphanblack.tumblr.com/ for the awesome gifs.


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