Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 1


If you have not watched the Season Two Premiere of Orphan Black, stop reading now.


 Remember the end of last season, Orphan Black fans? When things, however frenetic, still held some semblance of a normal life? All we had to worry about was an overwrought Sarah, trying to find her daughter, Kira, whom she believes was kidnapped by the nefarious Dyad Institute. Her foster mother’s house had been ransacked; Mrs. S. and Kira were both missing, and the evidence pointed to Rachel–another clone. One who was raised by the Dyad Institute. Well, get ready for more intensity as this season’s first episode, “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” builds on the momentum of last season’s finale. Before the opening credits even roll there are two deaths and our main clone heroine (Cloneroine?), Sarah Manning, breaks through a bathroom wall with a fucking fire extinguisher, like a boss!

The show laughs, “Oh, did you think we were just gonna ease you back into things? Ha! Silly Fans!” I love it. Bring it on.




Each clone sister has her own set of nasty problems to deal with, each as unique as the clones themselves.



It feels like I’ve been running for like, a year, man.

We catch up with Sarah almost immediately where we left off, and watch as she runs through the pouring rain and into an empty diner–it’s just her and the friendly, fatherly line cook. She’s tried (and failed) to reach her foster brother, Felix. And now she sits in a booth and, as she tries to reach her clone sisters on their private “clone club” cellphones, we feel her anxiety rising. First Allison. Then Cosima. Disconnected. Disconnected.



Bitch says to what, now?

Rachel then calls from Paul’s number, with a message for Sarah: the painless way to get her daughter back is to merely surrender. And in Sarah fashion, she tells Rachel exactly what to go do with herself.



Wait, you mean there won’t be a damn fine cup of coffee?

In the background, two new (weirdo) villains enter the diner, spouting off some nonsense about free-range eggs. One has a bolo tie and the other one looks like he should be in a David Lynch movie. (We’ll call them Bolo Tie and David Lynch.) They approach Sarah and tell her they have Kira, but their conversation is cut short by the line cook telling them to leave her alone, menacing them with a shotgun. David Lynch shoots him in the head while the line cook serves Bolo Tie his last meal: shotgun blast to the stomach. Sarah bolts, but David Lynch corners her in a bathroom. Then she goes all Jason Bourne (“Or . . . Kool Aid Man?” -Julai) and breaks through that wall with a fire extinguisher. Again, BEFORE THE OPENING CREDITS.



Sarah! You never let me have fun anymore!

Sarah does finally find Fe (wearing ass-less chaps at a fetish club, where else?) and it’s awesome to watch him try to follow a conversation while on so many drugs. He does help Sarah realize the only reason her phone might be working is because Dyad is tracking it, so when Paul calls to arrange a meeting, she agrees ―but only if he’ll meet alone and wait for her call. She then discards the phone in a pitcher of beer and swipes a new one from the bar. Girl’s got skills.


You know, Paul, you may be pretty but you’re kind of useless.

And I’m starting to doubt your commitment to Sparklemotion.

Later, Paul doesn’t know a lot of information about Kira—only that Rachel plans on taking her out of the country the next morning—and then Sarah avoids being caught by the Dyad Honchos, who were watching Paul. Did I mention her skills?




Trust in me, I have gloves and a needle inside you.

Back at Fe’s loft/Clone Hangout, Delphine is drawing blood from Cosima, who’s been showing symptoms of the respiratory disorder that’s killed other clones. You guys, Cosima may be the science genius of our clones, but she is incredibly stupid when it comes to love. I have been convinced of this ever since Delphine showed up with this whole “Yes I’m working for Dr. Leekie and I was sent to be your monitor, but I totally love you” thing. “OF COURSE you can trust in me, Cosima, I would never betray you.” And Cosima actually believes her. Girl, please! Does the disease also affect your brain? The whole time she’s playing sexy French nurse, Delphine is urging Cosima to attend A Very Important Gala at the Dyad Institute with her. It’s happening later that night. Yes, because when I’m sick, I’m all about the galas! Cosima is not feeling it and makes her promise that she won’t tell Leekie the clones know that their DNA is patented or that Cosima’s sick. Delphine is all big Bambi eyes and “I would never, ever.” Oh, the shade of it all. Because, of course, Delphine sells Cosima out again, giving Dr. Leekie a practically gift-wrapped vial of her blood! What did I say? L’OMBRE!



I’m gonna stand here and try to look conflicted, but Kat can see into the depths of my shady heart and homegirl don’t play that.



So, how’s your mother?

Surprise (not surprised), Alison knows a gun dealer named Ramone. Well, he really deals in just about anything/everything a suburban mom/clone could desire. He really is a hard worker. After having a The Best Conversation Ever with Super High Felix, Alison acquires and sends a lovely flower arrangement with a gun inside for Sarah. Plus a handmade card. It was so HER. I heart her. Oh, and during That Conversation? This happened:





Clone Club Meeting


“Dear S., Good luck killing ProClone. You can do it!  XOXO  -A.”

There’s a nice little moment with our “Clone Club” all in one room (Alison via webchat) and again we get to marvel at Natalia Maslany’s acting chops. With Alison’s help (it really was a beautiful bouquet) Sarah’s ready to crash The Very Important Gala. Cosima ―who thinks Sarah may need,I don’t know, a plan?― mentions that her name is on the list at the Gala. Never one to say “no” to clone cosplay, Sarah shows up as “Cosima” to the event with a gun in her pocket (Dyad needs better security). She’s able to fool Delphine long enough for her to get Dr. Leekie to say hi and for “Cosima” to demand her own lab before giving him a big hug so she can swipe his security access card to the rest of the building.



Oh, shite … This isn’t half bad.


Rachel, the Pro-Clone


I run ALL the Secret Meetings!

What, exactly, is Rachel’s position within the Dyad Institute? She seems to have more power than Dr. Leekie but doesn’t seem to be running the whole thing, either. Sarah finally gets to Rachel, who’s just finished conducting a secret meeting about natural vs. synthetic DNA and patenting with some questionable-looking Korean men. (OMINOUS.) Sarah walks in, guns (er, gun) blazing and asking where her daughter is. And here’s the twist: Dyad and Rachel never had Kira. They’ve been lying all along to get Sarah to come to them. Sarah doesn’t believe this and almost shoots Rachel in the head, then tackles her. Paul stops her, says they’re telling the truth. Kira was never there. Dyad lied to him, too. She clocks him once in the face for good measure and he lets her go.



But this is how clones play in the wild, Paul. Geez.


Last Thoughts…


And you thought your job catching murderers was complicated.

Sarah goes to Beth’s old police partner, Art, and tells him she was wrong about Dyad having Kira. He already knows. Another twist! We learn that the Feds who are handling the case are calling it domestic terrorism; apparently Bolo Tie was part of a religious extremist group—Proletheans. Yep. Helena’s people. You guys remember Helena, right? Crazy blonde clone, raised by Proletheans who hated all clones and told her she was the original? Also, Sarah’s twin? Oh, and she killed their birth mother, then Sarah shot her and left her for dead? Yeah, that Helena! This could have been enough to end the episode, but, we are watching Orphan Black, so . . .



Maybe I need to rethink my twin bonding strategies….?

Helena is far from dead—well maybe not that far because she’s shambling around like a zombie, dripping blood in a dimly lit hospital. Of course. She grunts, “My sister shot me,” before collapsing, as medical staff rush to her aid. Behind the commotion is our friend David Lynch, adjusting his belt buckle. It just happens to be the winged fish symbol from Helena’s old knife.


PICTURE 16 (1)

Perfect gift  for the stylish religious extremist who already has everything!

But wait, THERE’S MORE! We end in what looks like a motel room. A man whose face we never see is brushing Kira’s hair, sitting her down on the bed, and telling her in a scary voice “Look at the camera” before taking her picture. I have traumatic flashbacks to every single episode of Law & Order: SVU I’ve ever seen.





  • Apparently Helena is the Terminator: she just won’t die.

  • Alison is starting to freak out about the whole letting Aynsley die thing.

  • Cosima seems to either be taking a tour of/working at the Dyad Institute.

  • Sarah gets in a fistfight . . . again.


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