Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 6

“To Hound Nature In Her Wonderings”

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of Orphan Black, “To Hound Nature In Her Wonderings,” then keep reading so I can spoil it all for you!

Secrets … Revelations … More secrets … SURPRISE REVELATION! DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!!


Sarah and Helena: Sestra Road Trip Adventures!


These two are having a blast! There’s camping, complete with shadow animals from Helena and farting (also from Helena) and having heart-to-hearts about how Helena may want children–and how Sarah is concerned about what the Proletheans did to her sister.

The road trip continues the next morning with Helena singing “Sugar, Sugar” along with the radio and it is GOLD. Finally, Helena leads Sarah to a church where Swan Man was last seen.

pic2 pic3

Sarah follows the lead to the church,  and tells Helena to stay put. Right. That’s going to happen.

It is explained to Sarah that the building was once the North River Institute. North River was the “place of screams” Helena had referred to in the last episode.  Swan Man is discovered to be known as Mr. Peckham, who has returned to the building a few times to look at pictures in the archives.

Sarah gets access to the archives by pretending to be Peckham’s student, claiming that she’s writing a thesis paper. While going through all the disturbing archives, Sarah finds that the institute has been around since before 1910, and that Maggie Chen was also here digging up some dirt on Prof. Duncan. After discovering a picture of Prof. Duncan at Cold River, Sarah speaks to Cosima, who tells her that North River was the perfect ideological breeding ground for a nature-nurture cloning fiasco.












Helena, who would never stay in the car, wanders to  a bar and decides she’s going to try EVERY DRINK (Never, change, Helena!) She gets hit on by some asshole, but puts an end to that quickly by calling him a goat, bleating at him (“baaah!”) and spraining his finger. She meets a cutie named Jesse, who offers her some pork rinds, and you can practically see the hearts dancing in her eyes. They talk, arm wrestle (Helena wins, twice), drink some more, make out, dance, and start a brawl.


pic6 pic7 pic8

Paul and Mark (yes, David Lynch) are lurking in the background, talking about which clone they want. Mark wants Helena, obviously. “Good luck with that, kid,” says Paul as he leaves, just as Helena gets arrested.

Sarah walks out in time to lock eyes with Helena as she’s put into the police car. At the station, Helena is asking for her “boyfriend” Jesse, but the officer tells her that her sister is here. Surprise! It’s wannabe killer sister-daughter, Gracie!

Helena is not happy, but laughs at the scars of Gracie’s previously sewn lips, telling her she’s had that done to her once and it will heal. Helena also tells her she has a Sestra now who is coming to get her, but Gracie is all, “No, she’s not. Oh and by the way, we have your children waiting for you.”

Helena is more than intrigued and slightly horrified: “You took my babies from inside me?”

Gracie explained how her father, Henrik, “made them whole” because he sees “something beautiful inside” Helena. Helena is near tears: “He will take my babies and put them inside me how I was made?” Gracie tells her yes.

When told that she’s free to go, Helena just says that she wants to go to her babies.


Meanwhile, Sarah is driving, talking to Art and Fe, who have been playing detective at Fe’s loft,  instructing Art to get Helena out of jail with a phone call.

Mr. Peckham’s birth certificate turns out to be in Maggie Chen’s files (which Sarah stole). Arthur Peckham was an orphan who died in 1943. It seems that Prof. Duncan stole Mr. Peckham’s identity–that of a dead two-year-old.

Sarah finds the address near the church that Helena brought her to,  and who opens the door?  Mrs. S! Surprise! Sarah starts in with her usual “You knew all along!” thing. Siobhan explains that she just got caught up in shit and got better at hiding it– they hid Duncan in a trade for secrets on experiments with unborn children, and when she received Sarah, DYAD went after them.









“Andrew” (aka Swan Man, Prof. Duncan, Mr. Peckham) is introduced to Sarah and he seems disappointed that she isn’t Rachel. He keeps calling Siobhan “Rosaline” and explains that there were other “implantation teams,” and that project LEDA was done for “proof of concept”; they were recruited by the army in 1976 and were the first to succeed in cloning a human embryo, but a military committee determined it was an ethical failure. DYAD was a contractor which, when the military scrapped their project, pushed them to go full term because they wanted babies–little girls.

“Have you met Rachel?” asks Prof. Duncan. “My Rachel?”

Sarah doesn’t wait long to tell him what a monster Rachel is.  She asks if he knows what DYAD did to Rachel, but he insists it wasn’t DYAD–the Neolutionists and  Dr. Leekie turned her that way.

Sarah starts talking about her sister-clones, tells him about the disease and asks for his help. Then he does the most dramatic reveal of the episode: it was Leekie he’s been hiding from all these years. Leekie killed Rachel’s mother. Does this mean he blew up the lab?










Paul sits outside, with no idea about all the shit that’s going down in that little run-down house. Siobhan does her famous, “Hello, Paul,” then sits inside his car for some tea. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that if he thinks he’s going to take Sarah back, he’d have to kill Siobhan, and if he thinks he’s taking Prof. Duncan back, he’d have to kill both Siobhan and Sarah. It sounds like Paul needs a new friend.


Cosima and Delphine get a New Playmate:


Well, so far so good–Cosima thinks the new stem cell line is promising. Cosima has not grown an extra appendage and all her current appendages remain in place. Yay!

Remember Scott, from the girls’ university? He’s now officially a DYAD employee who will be working directly with Cosima and Delphine. Cosima tries to protect him, but Scott says he knows about the clones so I’m guessing he’s gonna have to stay now.

In the lab, Scott draws a big formula that proves the information Cosima gave him reveals that it was all about clones–and can he please pretty please see a clone? The girls exchange a look and tell him “When the time is right.”

pic15 pic16 pic17

Later, Scott reveals to Delphine that the new stem cell line they are using on Cosima belongs to a female relative, as in a niece or A DAUGHTER. Delphine’s face is hard to read as she tells Scott to keep this hidden from Cosima (secrets…) so I don’t know if I should default to my attitude of shade toward her or give her a chance. You’re on thin ice, Dr. Cormier.

Alright, so whose stem cell stuff is it? Kira’s? How the hell did they get that?


Alison and the Godhead:


Alison is still in rehab and not happy about it. During one of her many group meetings in which some dude is talking about blowing his dealer, Alison refuses to share her story since she’s just in rehab for her kids and is not “an actual drunk.”

A knock on the door and who should walk in but Vic, Sarah’s ex, whose gaze Alison is trying, in vain, to avoid. He goes on and on about refusing pain pills at the doctor’s office (maybe because of that glue gun at Alison’s house) and keeps giving the impression that he’s “changed.”

He corners Alison on her way out. When she says she isn’t Sarah, he says he’s not “stupid” (eh…) but he knows she’s not Sarah. When he asks if they’re twins, Alison is just like fuck it and tells him they’re clones. Vic says the “Godhead” put her here to test him. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. No, seriously.


Donnie comes to visit and Alison is mad that he didn’t bring the kids. They get into an argument when Vic comes in to diffuse the situation, all Zen, and tells Donnie that she’s working harder than he thinks. Donnie tells her that he and the kids will see her on family day.

Vic meditates, which Alison interrupts with basketball. She confronts him about his abusive ways and he agrees, but claims Buddha helped him see the way. She admits to maybe being a bottle hider, and they bond and play basketball. It’s all unicorns and roses for Vic and Alison. She seems smitten. This can’t be good.

And here’s the twist. Vic is nothing but an informant for Art’s old partner, Detective Bitchface, who is using him to get more info on Alison and Sarah,  promising Vic she’d make all his charges go away.

Sorry, Alison.



Next Week:

  • Alison keeps telling Vic EVERYTHING!
  • Siobhan visits Dr. Leekie.
  • Fe drugs Vic just a teenie bit.
  • Rachel and Dad reunite.




*Credits go tohttp://thecloneclub.tumblr.com/ andhttp://orphanblack.tumblr.com/ for the awesome gifs.


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